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Let the agitation begin!


Do you sometimes believe you invented the Internet, or even the modern computer operating systems?  Many people do, and many people did, and probably you did too.

Watch right here for your opportunity to register yourself as the real, authenticated inventor, and trade tales with all your colleagues!  Coming up real soon now.  Honest!  We expect a heavy load from Gore campaign headquarters so we're working on a direct line to them as they move around.  But we somehow can't find the ARPANET anywhere.  Where'd that go?

Be sure to join the big heavyweights, including Al Gore and all those really legendary ARPANET developers, to establish your authentic credentials as the one and only true inventor of the Internet.  History is depending on you now, so don't bonk!

Stay tuned! - Your sincere Webfussmeister Edson C. Hendricks 


Fun aside, the Internet really has a genuine, important history.  For starters, read the spin that spun this web site right into existence, a transcript NPR dates as October 9, 1999.

Is there more?  Sure.  Here's Vinton Cerf's (per NPR, who "helped write the common protocols of the net" [italics mine]), very kind reply to my inquiry on the question.

Is there yet more?  Sure, and this is where it might get pretty interesting.  Stand by and watch as we round it all up.

All submissions of fact and opinion are warmly welcomed.  We'll try to get this more automated soon, but for now, please just email them to me at Edson C. Hendricks.